2016_Rising_Researcher_Gabriela_Calinao_Correa__js_MG_8592_600pxGabriela Calinao Correa

The Rising Researcher award is presented to Gabriela Calinao Correa, class of two-thousand-sixteen, for her dedicated pursuit of research with meaningful, tangible, and publishable results. Gabriela’s Honors Thesis led to the development of a new computational model for heat transfer between 2D van der Waals materials (such as graphene) blanketing 3D substrates used in the semiconductor industry to build nanoelectronic devices. She gave a talk on this research at the fall 2015 Materials Research Society Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts, a rare opportunity for an undergraduate researcher. Gabriela’s faculty advisor is Zlatan Aksamija, electrical and computer engineering. Congratulations, Gabriela!

More information about the award at ResearchNext: http://www.umass.edu/researchnext/researcher/passionate-pursuit