Graphene twists for thermoelectrics

Adithya’s newest paper in the journal 2D Materials title “Very High Thermoelectric Power Factor Near Magic Angle in Twisted Bilayer Graphene” demonstrates large and twist-angle tuneable thermoelectric power factor in twisted bilayers of graphene. Now available online

Arnab’s work on graphene accepted in Nano Express

Arnab’s last PhD article on transport across extended grain boundaries in graphene is accepted in Nano Express. Here is a link to the article:
A large mismatch in the crystal orientations of adjacent grains in polycrystalline graphene could lead to large electrical resistivity across such GBs. However, in this work we show that due to the meandering nature of a GB, a few “special” regions of the GB provide conductive paths for the charge carriers to flow across them. We simulated 5000 identical GBs (i.e. GBs with the same roughness and correlation lengths) to report statistical mean and standard deviation of resistivities across GBs of varying length. Our results show that shorter GBs exhibit larger variation in resistivities as compared to the longer ones.