Join us! NanoEnergy lab now part of the MSE department at the University of Utah and we are hiring exceptional doctoral students!

We are seeking a highly-motivated doctoral students to join the lab in the fall of 2023. The NanoEnergy lab offers a variety of computational and experimental projects dealing with electronic and thermal properties of 2D, nanostructured, and organic materials.

What we look for in a student is:

1. MS preferred (BS accepted in special cases) from a highly respected research university,

2. strong GPA and test scores (GPA>3.5 and GRE AWA>3.5),

3. excellent letters of recommendation,

4. at least 1 publication in a recognized international journal,

5. familiarity with condensed-matter physics or physical chemistry, scientific computing, and electronic devices, and

6. ability to code in Python, Matlab, Fortran, or C.

If you have the skills and background above, please reach out to Prof. Aksamija via email (see CV under “About Zlatan) or DM via Twitter and send all of the following:

  1. your complete CV with list of publications, all 3 GRE scores, and 3 references. I will contact your references directly if I am interested.
  2. a paragraph about what future research you wish to pursue in my group.
  3. why you want to pursue research in my group
  4. what specific background and skills you bring to the group (see #5 and 6 above).